Mahi Dive

Beginner – Advanced

The Mahi is one of Oahu’s most popular dive sites. Originally sunk about a 1/2 mile offshore in 1982 as an artificial reef project, it’s about a 15-minute boat ride from Waianae Boat Harbor. More times than not, you will see spinner dolphins on the boat ride to the site. It is believed that the Mahi was originally built as a minesweeper, but the Navy instead used the 800-ton ship in the Bahamas for laying cable. The Dillingham Corporation purchased the vessel in March 1968, and leased it to the University of Hawaii as a research vessel. Although originally sunk facing shoreward, it now lies upright on a sand bottom, facing seaward. In 1982, Hurricane Iwa repositioned the ship 180 degrees to its present bearing.

Visibility is generally close to 100 or better. You are sure to see the Porcupinefish that hang out around the mast, large schools of Bluestripe Snappers as well as Yellow Stripe Goatfish, and you are likely to see Turtles, Sergeonfish, Trumpetfish,  and Eagle Rays.