The YO-257 Dive

The YO257 Dive

Beginner – Advanced

If you have never done a deep dive or a wreck dive, this is a great place to start.  The YO-257 is 175’ Navy yard oiler built in the 1940’s. It was purchased by Atlantis Submarines Hawaii and sunk as an artificial reef off Waikiki in 1989. The ship rests upright in 110 feet of water with the main deck at about 85 feet. Several large holes were cut through the sides to provide marine habitat and allow for entering the structure. Visibility is almost always 100 feet or better. The YO-257 is one of the most popular boat dives on the South Shore. In 1996, a new ship, the San Pedro, was sunk about 50 yards from the YO-257 as an additional dive attraction.

You can do both wrecks in one dive but there is plenty to see on the YO to keep you entertained for the 20  minutes you will get at about 90 feet.  You are sure to see: large schools of Bluestripe Snappers, and Yellow Stripe Goatfish, as well as Milletseed Butterflyfish, and Bigeyes. And you’re likely to see Turtles, Sergeonfish, Trumpetfish, and Eagle Rays.